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TRIYO is secure, fully compliant, organized and efficient and can work
company wide or in focused departments

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Know Your Customer (KYC)

Simplify and automate your team’s process of updating necessary client information, where input is typically required from multiple Lines of Business (LoBs).

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Staffing Management

Coordinate your workforce and ensure the right people work on the right job, through automated insights on individual strengths and workloads.

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Live Deal Process

Connect your people, processes, and documents on one integrated productivity platform; co-ordinate all these moving parts in an agile direction.

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Client Lifetime Management

Streamline your regulatory reporting process while mitigating risk, penalties and costs with our comprehensive solution; specifically for project management.

With TRIYO, not only are people going to work faster and more diligently on tasks because it's living inside their core applications, but their superiors are also going to be able to prove what they're doing due to the transparency TRIYO adds to day-to-day processes.

— Morris Levy, CEO & Co-Founder of The Yard

Nothing is hidden, we call it - Truth with TRIYO

Now that you have that information TRIYO can make suggestions for management or leave it to you.

TRIYO is secure, fully compliant and can work company wide or in focused departments.

Learn how TRIYO’s data can transform your organization today.

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True Data

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True Process

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True Efficiency

Find Your Truth With TRIYO