Work Intelligence Technology

TRIYO’s API aggregates employee, work and client engagement data across an organization and extrapolates it to generate powerful insights and recommendations on

  • resource utilization
  • client engagement
  • process efficiencies
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An industry ready intelligence engine built for the best workflow

End-to-end Transparency

Automated data collection allows users to easily identify bottlenecks and tracks the progress of tasks and live projects


Real Time Process Discovery

Key decision makers have a complete overview of their business processes, allowing them to discover process gaps that can be optimized

Data-driven Recommendations

TRIYO leverages on artificial intelligence and natural language processing to extrapolate the complex data and provide smart recommendations based on existing natural workflows

An industry ready intelligence engine built for the best workflow

Experience unprecedented levels of productivity


Reduction in cycle times


More time on high-value work


Cost savings annually

Work naturally and let TRIYO handle the rest

TRIYO’s API is application agnostic, allowing seamless connectivity across all organizational tools and platforms. Teams can work in their natural workflow, without disruptions, while TRIYO captures the important data

Say goodbye to

Constant context switching

An average individual toggles between applications 3,600 times a day, resulting in cognitive tax and reduced productivity

Information overload

Information overload costs the US economy $900 billion annually and takes up 28% of a knowledge workers day

Disrupted communication

Slowed and disrupted communication from asynchronous and remote work reduces overall transparency

and hello to the future of workflow, today.

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