Agile Teams Can Be Even More Productive With TRIYO

Article by Nicole Louis

Key Takeaways

Check Icon In today’s business environment, agile project management is by far the quickest project methodology to finish projects on time with utmost customer satisfaction

Check Icon Triyo has adopted agile methodology in the company and its product, TRIYO, for faster iteration and product updates

Check Icon 4 features of TRIYO that allow team productivity to peak is our Audit trail, Search Bar functionality, Flexible Workflow, and through Notifications and Alerts

Check Icon Implement TRIYO to track workforce resource allocation and reduce project timelines to complete projects quicker than before

After Agile software development took the world by storm in the early 2000s, agile project management quickly followed suit. In short, agile practices involve rapid and adaptive planning, evolutionary development, continuous improvement, and short turnaround cycles on a project. To this day, agile principles are heavily applied in nearly every industry and workflow. And there is one simple reason for this: agile gets work done, quick.

At TRIYO we recognize the importance of agile to the point where we use agile practices in all our departments, not just software development. That is why we designed our project management and collaboration software with agile principles in mind. With TRIYO, agile teams can deliver better results, faster.

Version Management and Audit Trail

TRIYO provides agile teams with visibility of all the work they have done to make sure that nothing gets lost and time does not have to be spent on duplicated tasks. Track the progress of projects, log activity, approvals, comments, and document versions along with their time stamps.

Searchable System of Record

Our software makes it easy for agile teams to find the resources they need. TRIYO features a central repository of project information, approvals, documents versions, comments, and timelines, that is easily searchable.

Flexible Workflows

Agile is all about flexibility, so the TRIYO workflow is designed to be as flexible as possible. Customizable turnaround cycles, synchronize tasks, assign roles, and monitor deliverables by user with minimum effort and uncompromised compliance.

Notifications and Alerts

Another tenet of agile projects is speed, and for work to be done quickly sometimes teams need reminders. Users are alerted when assigned to a new task or if an existing task changes in priority level, and the notifications are fully customizable.

Implementing tools like TRIYO will help your organization refine your agile practices to shorten timelines, heighten productivity, and maximize efficiency. To find out more about how TRIYO can help fill out the form below.


Nicole Louis

Marketing Manager - TRIYO


1 min read

7 Apr 2021

Updated on 27 Jun 2022

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