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How to Collaborate Productively with MS Office Suite and TRIYO

Collaboration within teams working in the same office is difficult enough, adding the new reality of remote and hybrid teams, ushered in over the past two years has made effective collaboration even harder.

However, adding a new collaboration tool onto your teams’ ever-growing list of software means that many will never use it. So, what is the solution?

Native collaboration tools have always been the elusive holy grail of the business world- a collaboration tool that lives not as a separate piece of software that must be learned, but is embedded within your Word, Excel, PPT, Teams or Outlook itself. This has not previously been possible, however, for the first time, this functionality now exists.

TRIYO’s Microsoft collaboration platform allows users to collaborate with their teams from within their Microsoft suite and enhances the current collaboration capabilities of Microsoft Office Suite by 50%.


According to Daniel Serman, Managing Director of the Strategic Group management consultancy, “The functionality that TRIYO has introduced into Word and my email is truly mind-boggling. It has been an absolute game-changer for my team and has allowed us to collaborate remotely in ways that we hadn’t even considered. And the data we get from the system, without any inputs from our side is staggering”.


TRIYO increases team productivity by 25% and has made such an impact that it has recently been selected as a finalist for the 2022 “Product of the Year” by the Products That Count Awards.

TRIYO is now available for free as a self-serve. For more information,  click here.