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How Collaboration Technology Reduces Employee Burnout

Since remote working has become a necessity, employers have made assumptions that working from home would remove the ancillary time costs involved in physical working sessions, and therefore allow employees to manage larger workloads. However, the reality is that the new normal of working has had very direct and drastic impacts on employees working in collaboration-intensive industries. A study by Flex Jobs in collaboration with Mental Health America found that employees are three times more likely to report poor mental health. Based on the study around 40% of employees indicated the lack of work/life division and longer working hours have caused them to burn out quickly and experience high stress levels. Only 1 in 5 respondents stated that their organization’s HR team has found positive and productive solutions relating to their workload management. In challenging times such as these, organizations are in a bind to manage their required project progress with a healthy staff workload. Manual intervention into a team’s workload would be the most direct, albeit complex and time-consuming method. But collaboration software, such as TRIYO, exist to provide a cost-efficient and intuitive technological solution to these issues. Using TRIYO, employees can seamlessly fill out information regarding the estimated number of hours they have worked on a project, as well as the hours they are going to spend on their current tasks and workload. TRIYO utilizes this key information to provide relevant staffing information on the analytical dashboard, such as their current workload, time allocation, bandwidth to work on new tasks, as well as their efficiency in working on certain tasks/projects. This allows staffers to glance through this pre-collected information and make data-driven decisions on which employees would be most suitable for a new project, as well as, ensure they have the bandwidth to work on something new. These allow both parties to ensure a healthy workload balance for collaboration-heavy projects, with minimal input requirements within a pre-existing project structure. Using TRIYO, staffers can create project templates with automated tasks that appear weekly. This allows staffers to build pre-defined templates for the usual processes involved in a project, eventually saving valued time on repeated processes, deliverables; and be able to generate weekly tasks and reminders for team members to track their progress across projects. This creates a win-win environment which helps both staffers and employees to track regular progress on a project and its tasks, minimizing the need for overtime closer to a project’s deadlines and improve work/life balance for all parties involved. TRIYO provides a comprehensive solution to project management and allows short-term workload balancing, and long-term operational visibility. Want to know how we do this? Check out our free interactive demo. If you are interested in learning more about what our product can do for you, fill out the contact form below.