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Going Hybrid: How to Effectively Adapt to a Hybrid Work Environment

According to the Harvard Business Review, companies need to design hybrid work arrangements with human concerns in mind. That requires companies to approach the problem from four different perspectives:

  1.  Jobs and tasks
  2. Employee preferences
  3. Projects and workflows
  4. Inclusion and fairness

50% of work in organizations is ad-hoc and informal, making it hard to track in real-time or to get a meaningful measure of performance and profitability.

“If leaders and managers can successfully make the transition to an anywhere, anytime model, the result will be work lives that are more purposeful and productive.” - Harvard Business Review

TRIYO can do just that.

TRIYO’s AI software is a multi-functional tool for your organization’s project and collaboration needs. It automatically harnesses data by embedding APIs in your existing office applications such as MS Office Suite, MS Teams, G-Suite, JIRA, and Salesforce to provide user and work meta-data. This offers heightened transparency with project turnaround times, project work flows, revenue generated, resources utilized and more.

TRIYO further fuses this data to provide clients with advanced reporting, transparency, and process discovery.

We help enterprises understand the who, when, where, and how of work in real time across an organization.

Want to give it a test run? Learn more about how we do it with our product demo

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