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Hidden Inefficiencies: Toggling Between Applications

What do you think is one of the biggest inefficiencies in a company? Could it be silo-ed departments that reduce transparency, or perhaps even poor systems? It might surprise many that one of the greatest inefficiencies stems from toggling between applications.

A recent study in a Harvard Business Review article found that constant switching between applications not only results in time wastage but is also cognitively demanding. An average individual toggles between applications and windows more than 3,600 times daily. Every instance of toggling requires the individual to recalibrate by accustoming themselves to the new interface like refocusing their attention to what is needed on the page. For 65% of switches, users hopped onto another application just 11 seconds later. This incessant switching exhausts users, leading to poorer work performance due to the high level of distractions present.

The time wastage amounts to four hours weekly because employees need to reorient themselves after toggling to another application. This amounts to a staggering 9% of the annual work time (five working weeks).

This begs the question of whether all these applications are necessary, and if so, how can we reduce an employee’s role of acting as a bridge between these applications. Handing over this role to a platform that can act as a glue might be the solution.

TRIYO enables a seamless workflow by allowing access to all communications from a ribbon embedded within each application. This provides continuity by allowing users to access all the information required from the same page. Users no longer have to manually connect the dots themselves. As a result, the number of times users need to switch applications and recalibrate themselves is reduced considerably. Time can be used more productively enabling users to focus on the tasks with minimum distraction.

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TRIYO’s intelligent data platform integrates, aggregates data from all communication channels across an organization and visualizes the data to generate powerful insights into resource utilization, client engagement and process efficiencies.

Our mission is to help organizations to surface and understand the latent data hidden in all communications channels to provide real-time insights into process gaps and to create efficiencies

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