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How a New Type of Data is Changing Fintech

The Internet of Things has truly democratized data collection and analysis in our daily lives. From our fridges telling us we are out of eggs, to our phones telling us how we slept last night, data is being collected, processed, analyzed and presented to us daily without us even knowing that it’s happening.

Yet it’s not just data for data’s sake. Fitness trackers are arguably the reason that the fitness industry has experienced the massive growth that it has over the past decade as data has been shown to encourage efficiency and improve performance. Simply put, when we see how we are doing, we can work on improving.

And this is exactly how TRIYO’s unique Black Box Data® recorder works. It logs all the activities that your team undertake in creating and completing tasks – data that has not previously even been captured.

TRIYO then analyzes it and presents it in an intelligent dashboard that shows each individual how and where they can improve. Just like the fitness tracker, it’s all done using click level data that has never previously been recorded but is critically valuable to an organization when it is. This dashboard also means that employees no longer have to provide manual reports, saving your organization hundreds of valuable hours.

All the data from the individual dashboard is then collated in a management dashboard to allow the whole team to make informed decisions. This provides the foundation for human resource planning and allocation as well as performance management.

In short, TRIYO Black Box Data® is the secret that turns a normal dashboard into an intelligent one.

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