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How are Challenger Banks Changing the Financial Landscape?

Over the last decade, an array of Challenger banks and Neo banks have popped up as an alternative to traditional providers. Offering competitive incentives and interest rates has made them stand out in the industry and a respectable competitor to mainstream providers.

What are Challenger banks and Neo banks?

Both Challenger and Neo banks are disrupting the financial sector by digitizing their operations to bring new products and services to banking customers. Neo banks are entirely cloud-based and offer their services through an app or website. On the other hand, Challenger banks retain a small number of branches and often offer a broader range of products compared to traditional banks.

Their digital approach to financial services calls for further innovation within the financial industry.

This demand extends beyond banking services. Change within the banking industry during this time is crucial.

Current processes in everyday banking operations are slow and ineffective – requiring manual and revisions to documents and follow-ups, making the process tedious and error-prone.

This is where TRIYO steps in.

TRIYO is a smart tool that can seamlessly embed itself into your existing office applications such as MS Office, G-Suite, JIRA, and Salesforce to provide advanced reporting, transparency, and process discovery in your day-to-day tasks.

With TRIYO, your team can collaborate on documents by inviting team members to revise documents, and automatically merge changes into a single, live document.

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