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How to Reduce Employee Burnout

Employee burnout is more prevalent now more than ever before – right from startups to global enterprises, workers are increasingly stretched to capacity.

In a recent survey by Deloitte with over 1000 respondents, 77% say they have experienced burnout at their current job. With a large percentage of employees now either working from home permanently or in a hybrid work environment, the line between work and personal lives can get blurred when your office also happens to be your kitchen.

What if there was a way to detect employee burnout early on — and help prevent it — all while carrying on with day-to-day operations to meet customer demand through new tech?

TRIYO exists to provide a cost-efficient and intuitive technological solution to these issues.

Sometimes, managing your workload can be a headache in itself. In fact, a poorly constructed measurement or planning of your workload can be the root cause of your issues.

By incorporating TRIYO, employees can measure the number of hours they have worked on a project, as well as the hours they are going to spend on their current tasks and workload. TRIYO utilizes key information such as:

– Current workload
– Time allocation
– Bandwidth
– Degree of efficiency

to provide relevant staffing information on the analytical dashboard. This allows employees to make data-driven decisions based on the data that TRIYO collects in the backdrop. This can aid in creating a healthy workload balance for collaboration-heavy projects, with minimal input requirements within a pre-existing project structure.

Additionally TRIYO can generate weekly tasks and reminders for team members to track their progress across projects.
This creates a win-win environment which helps managers and employees to track regular progress on a project and its tasks, minimizing the need for overtime closer to a project’s deadlines and improving work/life balance for all parties involved.

TRIYO provides a comprehensive solution to project management and allows short-term workload balancing, and long-term operational visibility.

Unlock this optimized workflow, contact us here.

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