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Japan’s New Hybrid Workplace Tool

The whole world changed due to COVID-19, and along with it so has the concept of remote work. Even places with a strictly ingrained office culture, like Japan, moved to allow work from home to help battle the spread of the pandemic. When TRIYO visited the Singapore Fintech Festival in 2020 to explore expansion to Asian markets, we were struck by an amazing opportunity. The drastic dispersion of teams and workers moving to their home offices practically overnight meant that companies across the globe began to embrace remote working tools. In Japan, this created an overwhelming demand for platforms that could nurture the growth of hybrid work models. Through our interactions with Japanese business representatives and government officials we have been able to reinforce our belief that Japan is a welcoming market for TRIYO. Japanese organizations and society prior to the pandemic just did not entertain the concept of a remote work model. However, COVID-19 has triggered a new lifestyle in Japan where people are leaving the hustle and bustle of the city to live peacefully in rural areas rich in nature. Promoting remote working away from Tokyo’s high real estate prices is beneficial not only for companies but also for individuals. Over the past 6 months Japan has adapted their focus towards remote work as a part of the future of work strategy for every organization, including not only financial but also governmental institutions. For TRIYO, this means that we can symbiotically benefit together with Japan from exporting our software to the Japanese market. TRIYO is an award-winning software platform providing unmatched collaboration and project management. For Japanese companies, our product assures that keeping up with distributed teams does not have to be a daunting transition. TRIYO enables teamwork and provides full visibility of tasks and projects in the same way as putting your team on one floor. In Japan, TRIYO is not just a revolutionary collaboration and management platform. We conduct in-depth data analytics allowing for scalability using AI and machine learning. Japan is a hub for innovation in these fields and by bringing our product to the Japanese market we aspire to drive and be driven by this innovation. In summary, TRIYO coming to Japan is all about strengthening our cultural relationship and creating mutual benefits in Fintech, remote work, and AI applications.