KYC Reimagined

Revolutionize your KYC process with TRIYO’s cutting-edge API integration. By capturing critical data on employee, workflow, and client engagement, our platform provides you with insights crucial for optimizing your KYC process and making data-driven decisions. Streamline your operations, enhance compliance, and boost efficiency with TRIYO today.

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Optimize your KYC process with just one click

Real Time Reporting

Empower your knowledge workers to operate in their preferred applications while leveraging TRIYO's state-of-the-art process monitoring technology. By capturing all interaction within the KYC process, TRIYO provides real-time bottleneck identification and enables your team expedite the process by reaching out to clients immediately.

Track KYC Requests

Track every KYC request with ease using TRIYO's proprietary dashboard which is also seamlessly integrated with email functionality for convenience and easy access. Get notifications and live updates on the progress of each request, including any new team members added.

Automate Reminders

Eliminate repetitive manual tasks like checking for responses and following up on requests with TRIYO’s automated reminders. Your team can focus on high-value work and ensure timely completion with the customized reminders for each KYC request.

Optimize your KYC process with just one click

Our Impact


Reduced Cycle Times

By detecting bottlenecks early, TRIYO enables key decision-makers to address issues promptly

Faster Revenue Recognition

Reduced cycle times and knowledge workers focusing on high-value activities enables faster revenue recognition

Complete Transparency

Gain full visibility into all back and forth communications and meet each regulatory requirement checkpoint

Revolutionize your KYC process today with TRIYO