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MS Teams + TRIYO: the Combination for Collaboration

With the world contemplating what the long journey back to “normality” will look like, and the advent of distributed teams and hybrid workplaces, corporates need a real solution which can allow their teams to work together from anywhere across the globe, as if they are in the same room. For most organizations, MS Teams became an industry-wide necessity as a free communication and collaboration tool. However, MS Teams alone fails to provide the “work from anywhere as if they were in the same room” feeling. This is where TRIYO steps in. TRIYO's unique API integrates seamlessly and securely into current workplace toolkits, including MS Teams. Let’s introduce these unique features of MS Teams when combined with TRIYO, as well as ways you can increase your efficiency to a larger degree in a remote working environment. For teams, ensuring fluid and transparent communication within your team is essential in overcoming common obstacles and delays. But how exactly can you implement that? Instead of information being emailed around and then collated, users can now work on a single, centralized document, in real-time and in-parallel by implementing TRIYO’s unique plug-in. TRIYO not only integrates well with MS Teams, but with the entire MS Office Suite and a multitude of other management-related software. Now you can work on your native tools like MS Word and send tasks for approvals through MS Teams. To see how easy it is to coordinate within your native applications, watch our MS Word Plugin Demo video here. For large-scale projects, MS Teams allows users to share and edit documents (Word, PPT and Excel) within the Teams interface itself, even providing options to edit files sent via Teams within the file’s native application. However, the issue of document versioning confusion still persists through communication-via-Teams. Over 40-50% of time spent on a project is spent on email exchanges and document versioning. TRIYO allows users to arrive at a single, live document related to a particular task for which all edits and changes are tracked; allowing both members and managers to view the original document, changes made, as well as what the final document would look like. These allows all members working with a document to see any and all alterations, limiting the potential for document versioning issues. MS Teams provides live updates as far as their communication capabilities, allowing for both in-application and desktop updates. However, as far as project-specific and task-specific updates, the capabilities do not exist on the application. TRIYO provides users with instant updates relating to any and all updates regarding the projects and tasks a user is assigned to; as well as manually added or recurring reminders to work on a task. An Audit Trail specific to every task lets managers and employees to provide and reference all updates, setbacks and deliverables. MS Teams does not have any capabilities internally to collect and provide data on a team’s progress, leaving managers unable to gauge the success and efficiency of their collaborative progress. Our TRIYO INSIGHTS® Intelligent Dashboard allows managers to analyze snapshot views, trends, and progress over time with intuitive, easy-to-read graphs that can be templated, sorted, and filtered to your needs. With TRIYO’s machine learning and artificial intelligence integration, you can now make data driven operational predictions and adopt recommended courses of action in order to achieve desired future outcomes. MS Teams is an incredibly versatile software that can be utilized in multiple ways to organize your remote communication; however, the combination of the best-in class collaboration software, TRIYO and MS Teams, can guarantee improvement in your organization’s workflows. Want to learn more? Contact us below.