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Process Discovery

Process discovery is a way organizations view and map end-to-end business processes to understand workflow and uncover deviations and bottlenecks which go unnoticed. This is valuable information to firms looking to boost productivity, streamline processes and increase profitability.

Process discovery is a tedious process and in most cases requires a manual mapping of workflow. Typically, a business analyst or consultant will interview key stakeholders and contributors in a company. The consultants could be analyzing different types of workflows ranging from small-scale projects to quarterly report. Afterward, they create a flowchart to represent the entire process. Feedback is gathered from respective team members to ensure that the flow is accurate and no information is missing. With the mapped workflow, the company can decide on actionable steps to optimize their business process via the elimination or addition of steps However, this flowchart remains as a static document, and changes that happen post-interview can no longer be incorporated.

This entire operation is time-consuming and expensive. Recounting the tasks can be subject to human bias. Also, in some instances, information can be lacking due to an individual’s inability to recount the project fully, or even intentional withholding of information. Hence, incomplete data acts as an obstacle in discovering entire workflows.

Despite being a tedious undertaking, process discovery is still important to gain transparency into workflows, especially in the post-pandemic hybrid work environment. The ability to identify bottlenecks in meeting objectives and improving results enables companies to determine the best course of action to optimize their systems.

How TRIYO Does This Differently

By automating the data extraction procedure, TRIYO eliminates the guesswork and human bias associated with standard process discovery. The seamless integration of the platform into existing applications allows data to be captured while users continue to work in their native environment and processes.  Raw work and communication data is captured in the background.  Organizations received a complete audit trail of the workflow which can be easily distilled to reveal process discovery.  Thereby, Process Discovery is streamlined and information is captured in a timely and precise manner.

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TRIYO’s intelligent data platform integrates, aggregates data from all communication channels across an organization and visualizes the data to generate powerful insights into resource utilization, client engagement and process efficiencies.

Our mission is to help organizations to surface and understand the latent data hidden in all communications channels to provide real-time insights into process gaps and to create efficiencies

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