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4 Factors to Consider for a Project Management Software

The ideal project management tool has the ability to assist an individual or team in organizing and managing their projects and tasks efficiently. Are they necessary at all? Can a software gap be filled in with strong team organization and planning? The short answer to this is no, not in today’s work environment. Even the smallest and seemingly straightforward projects can be tough to manage and steer in the right direction. Project managers may face common challenges such as communication gaps, keeping everyone in the loop, failure to meet deadlines, and keeping track of multiple projects. Using email alone or having multiple spreadsheets for maintaining records, sharing files, managing tasks, sending updates, and communicating with team members, clients, and stakeholders might be good for occasional use, but are not designed for project management. Furthermore, there is a lack of clarity on who is responsible for certain tasks when all team members are communicating back and forth through email. This makes it easy to lose track of what is going on within the project. With the various options available in the market today, it can be confusing and challenging to choose the one most suitable one for your team’s unique needs. When choosing the best project management tool for your team, here are a few things to consider: With teams working on projects either on-site or remotely, it is important that a project management software allows for collaboration on projects so teams can work together, and feel as if they are all in the same room. The tool should enable you to list down the tasks in sequence and assign such tasks to your team members easily. Having an organized file and task system within the platform is crucial for making sure that idea management, file sharing, schedule management, and so on, is essential for a successful execution of projects. It’s important that a project management tool can integrate with some of your team’s existing tools so that you can efficiently work off of the tool without having to learn an entirely new platform. The tool should allow for teams to be able to pull data from different areas of the project. This will enable you to instantly yield reports about the project’s current status and make informed decisions around resource allocation. From real-time reporting to analytical dashboards, an intuitive interface with a seamless integration like, TRIYO is the powerful and innovative tool you need to ensure successful project management.  TRIYO emphasizes team collaboration by allowing teams to work in parallel, and make real-time changes on one core document. Our platform leverages the API economy by allowing users to work with their existing tools that they are accustomed to, such as MS Office Suite, G-Suite, JIRA, Salesforce and more, making for seamless integration. Along with providing operational transparency with the TRIYO INSIGHTS Dashboard; users will be able to access a variety of usage metrics and relevant analytics from pre-collected workflow data. Learn how TRIYO can be the best choice for your team’s project management tool, by taking our free interactive product tour, or by filling out the contact form below!