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3 Ways to Revolutionize your Team’s Ad Hoc Tasks

“A house of cards built on a mountain of ice in the middle of the summer-time”; this was how a senior manager of a large multi-national financial institution described the software they use to deal with ad-hoc tasks. “It’s a disaster waiting to happen… but staff don’t like change, so it’s tough updating the systems we use. And I know for a fact, we aren’t the only ones.”

And he is right. Ad hoc task software is often treated as an after-thought within financial institutions whose focus is understandably on the more strategic tasks instead.

Not only that, but the data generated from undertaking these ad hoc tasks is not captured, analyzed or used to inform decision making. And that’s where TRIYO comes in.

1. Leveraging the concept of API economy, TRIYO allows ad hoc task owners to assign parts of documents to various team members, all from within the core document itself. These can be edited in parallel and reviewed in real-time with one-click merge, notifications & approvals – and because of the unique manner in-which TRIYO allows this to take place, 80% of users never need to log onto the TRIYO platform which has a significant effect on the product’s uptake.

2. TRIYO’s unique Black Box Data® recorder also logs all the ad hoc activities which your team undertakes in creating and completing tasks – data that has not previously even been captured.

3. TRIYO then analyzes it and presents it in an intelligent dashboard that shows each individual their performance and contributions. And just like a fitness tracker, it’s all done using click level data, automatically – without any manual interventions required.

All the data from the individual dashboard is then collated in a management dashboard to allow the whole team to make informed decisions. This provides the foundation for human resource planning and allocation as well as performance management.

So now you can use that ice to make yourself a cold beverage instead, while taking advantage of all the time that TRIYO will save your team (approximately 25% of the team’s work hours).

For more information about how TRIYO can help your team better manage your ad hoc tasks, contact us using the form below to request a free demo.