HR Optimization

Staffing Management

Coordinate your workforce and ensure the right people work on the right job, through automated insights on individual strengths and workloads.

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Current Scenario

Staffers allocate team members to projects based on inaccurate workload assessment

Fast-paced environment make it difficult to allocate team members that fit the requirements of the project

Productive employees work on more tasks, leading to imbalanced workloads and increased employee burnout rates


Staffers can utilize our telemetric insights to identify available hours and workloads of talent

Staffers can gage the productivity and efficiency of team members in specific types of tasks and projects.

Staffers can assess the resources and employees required for a project directly from the TRIYO Dashboard.

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Sales Collateral

Investor & Board Materials

Streamline effective sales workflows with our cohesive collaboration solution, and let your team focus on creating engaging customer relationships.

Current Scenario

Pitch decks are assigned through individual or group e-mails, which is time-consuming and unclear.

Team members work on their slides and submit changed decks via e-mail.

Team leaders have to track all individual changes and collate the final deck, in a manual and inefficient process.


Delegate sections of the pitch-deck across deal teams, and notify users of their assigned sections

All Pitch deck changes are merged in a single, live version that any team member can access

The central Pitch deck automatically stores older versions, which can be compared to the latest iteration

Pitch deck changes, comments and approvals can be tracked in a central Audit Trail specific to every task and document

Capital Markets

Live Deal Process

Connect your people, processes, and documents on one integrated productivity platform; co-ordinate all these moving parts in an agile direction.

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Current Scenario

Teams communicate via email, which is information-dense and difficult to keep track of.

Updates, reviews and approvals get lost within a user’s inbox, and is difficult to filter through.

Conversations through long email threads create confusion around different versions of documents or deliverables.


Users are only briefed on the tasks they are assigned efficiently, through TRIYO’s web application, e-mail, or their native tools.

Any task member can find all updates, reviews, approvals and comments within our Audit Trail, specific to every task.

Tasks can be created around documents related to a project, allowing team members to arrive at a single, live document.

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SOX Reporting

Regulatory Compliance

Streamline your regulatory reporting process while mitigating risk, penalties and costs with our comprehensive solution; specifically for project management.

Current Scenario

Communication is performed through e-mail, and leads to minimal efficiency around documents or spreadsheets.

There is no audit trail or automated diagnostics to track whether all steps in a process have been completed.

Approvals are not captured and tracked in a task-specific manner.


Have the capabilities to collaborate with team members on single documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Updates, changes and approvals will be tracked through an automatically generated audit trail.

Users can use our live insights dashboard to make informed decisions, and receive alerts for project milestones.

Continue working through existing tools, such as MS Office Suite.

Investor & Treasury Services

Risk Management

Automate credit approval processes for cash management and credit activities, such as overdraft requests and exception approval with our flexible workflow.

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Current Scenario

Overdraft requests are processed manually.

Insufficient overdraft controls, needed for secure cash management and credit activities.

Lack of automated credit controls and workflows for exception approval.


A Temporary Approval Request (TAR) spreadsheet can be uploaded within the platform for exception approvals.

Users can be assigned to specific parts of the TAR spreadsheet.

Approval request can be tracked for each TAR through a detailed audit trail.

Users can automatically merge updates to the main spreadsheet once changes and approvals get submitted.

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Client Onboarding Review

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Simplify and automate your team’s process of updating necessary client information, where input is typically required from multiple Lines of Business (LoBs).

Current Scenario

A master Excel sheet of client information is distributed via email to different LoBs for review.

Client information is manually updated, approved and merged into the master sheet by each individual.

Will need to constantly check if requested information has been processed and updated from each of the LoBs.

Multiple versions of the Excel spreadsheet can be lost in email inboxes - resulting in delays and loss of revenue.


A Client Review Master Tracker spreadsheet can be uploaded within the platform.

Assigned LOBs can efficiently delegate 25k+ booking points (BP) to the appropriate groups.

Approvals and comments for each BP will be tracked through a detailed Audit Trail, specific to every task.

Users can automatically merge updates to the main tracker once changes and approvals get submitted.