API Economy

The API Economy

Article by Rahul Kamdar

Key Takeaways

Check Icon API stands for Application Programming Interface, that acts as a channel for information for exchanging communication

Check Icon API helps provide easy access to data for seamless collaboration across platforms, and minimizes the need for companies to use new platforms

Check Icon Organizations can reduce the challenges their employees face while adopting a new tool by using TRIYO, and in turn, lower their spending cost for new software

In today’s world of hyper inter-connectivity, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are fundamental tools that enable different systems to communicate with each other. The API economy provides an abundance of possibilities for companies in the digital ecosystem.  There’s no longer any need to re-invent the wheel in order to enhance functionality, integrate applications with existing systems, collaborate across regions and organizations, allowing financial, insurance, healthcare, and a myriad of other sectors to focus on growth.


Rahul Kamdar

1 min read

30 Sep 2020

Updated on 27 Aug 2021

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