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The Challenge of Digital Adoption

The technology adoption lifecycle is a model that describes the rate of adoption of new innovations. While this rate varies from individual to individual, it is even harder for an entire organization to unanimously adopt new technology. In the context of an organization, these new technologies mainly come in the form of workplace productivity and communication tools.

According to whatfix, there are 4 main challenges in the adoption of new digital tools. Two of which are the greatest impediments. Firstly, employees are resistant to change. Learning a new software is a time-consuming and frustrating process, especially when individuals have already grown used to others. When workflows have already been implemented into existing software, changing it becomes extremely disruptive. To get the whole team on board with the switch and use it effectively might take weeks. Secondly, the lack of proper onboarding for new software results in employees having to take time out of their schedule to troubleshoot problems along the way. Similar to the previous point, it reduces workplace productivity and leaves employees feeling frustrated. This delays and even prevents the uptake of the software altogether.

Knowing this, companies or organizations might still feel the need to adopt a new platform because of the benefits that it promises. Companies are increasingly looking into tools that minimize behavioral change and also integrate with existing software infrastructure. In an ideal scenario, organizations can continue using existing platforms while experiencing the productive impacts of such a tool. This is where TRIYO steps in.

By embedding itself into existing applications, TRIYO allows users to work in the applications they are familiar with. This eliminates the need to adjust to a new platform which is often time-consuming and frustrating. The minimal behavioral change for employees reduces the friction in adoption and loss in productivity that conventional tools might pose. Overall, it creates a seamless onboarding experience and companies are able to reap the benefits of this change at a faster rate.

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TRIYO’s intelligent data platform integrates, aggregates data from all communication channels across an organization and visualizes the data to generate powerful insights into resource utilization, client engagement and process efficiencies.

Our mission is to help organizations to surface and understand the latent data hidden in all communications channels to provide real-time insights into process gaps and to create efficiencies

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