The Future of TRIYO

Article by Sarah Cuison

Key Takeaways

Check Icon Remote working has become dominant due to the pandemic, and collaboration within teams is one of the biggest challenges that comes with it

Check Icon Organizations cannot identify their pain points without tracking granular operational visibility to improve their process, and TRIYO does this automatically

Check Icon TRIYO can help organizations achieve higher productivity, by seamlessly enhancing collaboration within teams

TRIYO welcomes Baum & Partners as its channel partner.

Rajiv Chatterjee (CEO of TRIYO) and Alexander Prins (CEO of Baum & Partners) have been good friends for a very long time. Listen in as they discuss the future of TRIYO, new horizons for their partnership, and more.


Sarah Cuison

Marketing Intern- TRIYO

2 min read

25 Jun 2021

Updated on 26 Jun 2022

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