The Hidden Risks in SOX Compliance

Article by Vanshraaj Bhatia

Key Takeaways

Check Icon SOX Compliance requires a reliable collaboration platform to perform accurate audits and verification while protecting companies’ data security

Check Icon SOX Compliance requires attention to detail and can create long delays if not done properly

Check Icon TRIYO allows you to use your native tools such as the MS Office Suite while still being able to comment and assign tasks to others, without the need of visiting the platform directly

Check Icon Applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence on a collaborative platform like TRIYO minimize behavioral change, which leads to a higher level of regulatory compliance

SOX Compliance entails more than simple accountability, verification, and auditing mechanisms that companies must ensure; not just for regulatory compliance, but to establish systems that protect their data security and reputation to their stakeholders. Such intricate processes require particular attention-to-detail, since errors performed during SOX Compliance can create drastic delays, if not unknown penalties and fines that can damage a company’s finances and reputation.

These yearly assessments, conducted manually or with insufficient technology, can create exponential risks for any company seeking a good standing within their industry. That’s where TRIYO comes in, providing seamless support to your auditing and verification systems to ensure foolproof regulatory compliance.

Unlike existing collaboration mediums like Excel and SharePoint, TRIYO allows users to work with their existing tools that they are accustomed to, like MS Office, G-Suite, JIRA, Salesforce and more. This results in higher adoption rates and requires minimal behavioural change with 80 - 90% of users never needing to visit the TRIYO platform.

TRIYO’s comprehensive analytics package gives your team the insights they need to make informed decisions while providing the foundation for resource planning as well as performance management. Analyze snapshot views, trends, and progress over time with intuitive, easy-to-read graphs that can be templated, sorted, and filtered to your needs. With TRIYO’s machine learning and artificial intelligence integration, you can now make data driven operational predictions and adopt recommended courses of action in order to achieve desired future outcomes.

Our project and task management system allows users to optimize their workflow, creating efficiencies and increasing employee productivity up to 25%, by reducing low value-add manual tasks such as version control, tracking emails and follow up calls.

To conclude, TRIYO supports managers in making informed decisions, allowing exponential operational excellence. Our comprehensive solution gives companies the opportunity to solve all their regulatory compliance issues and streamline their workplace procedure, at the same time.


Vanshraaj Bhatia

Marketing Assistant


1 min read

12 May 2021

Updated on 27 Aug 2021

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