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The Importance of Business Telemetry that Runs on Data

In the last decade, corporations experienced massive growth and change in business as interdependent relationships between technology and sales were born as a result of the rise of new technologies. As the tech space evolved and brought forth social media, cloud computing and sales engagement platforms – B2B markets made the most out of the new technological revolution.

As a result of the emergence of a new digital era, our approach to measuring and analyzing data shifted alongside technological advancements – the use of technology results in faster, smoother, and more efficient business practices. The only way to further expedite this process is through telemetry derived from data and analytics.

What is Telemetry?

Telemetry is the automatic process of collecting measurements or other data from remote or inaccessible sources and transferring them to a central system for monitoring and analysis.

“By making effective use of telemetry, organizations can improve key performance indicators, including TCO, reliability, security, performance, and power consumption." - Intel

Any business that wants insights into the entire end-user experience needs telemetry.

Seamlessly harness meta-data by embedding TRIYO in existing applications such as MS Office Suite, MS Teams,  G-Suite, JIRA, and Salesforce, to maximize telemetry.

With TRIYO, your team can better monitor project turnaround time, the organizational scope of multiple projects, revenue generated for resources utilized, and more to provide advanced reporting, transparency, and process discovery.

Learn more about TRIYO leverages the API economy to embed collaboration in widely used applications here

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