The Origins of TRIYO

Article by Sarah Cuison

Key Takeaways

Check Icon Learn about the story of TRIYO from our Co-Founder Rajiv Chatterjee, in conversation with Alexander Prins, Co-founder of Baum and Partners

Check Icon TRIYO was founded on a premise that an easy-to-use digital collaborative platform is required in the financial services, which can provide insights on an organizations’ day to day operations

Check Icon Conducting research into employee behavior, TRIYO realised that building an API Economy is the key solution for capturing data without adding any change to an employee’s daily activity

Check Icon TRIYO successfully bridges the gaps within collaborative processes, improving bankers’ work life balance and efficiency

TRIYO welcomes Baum & Partners as its channel partner.

Rajiv Chatterjee (CEO of TRIYO) and Alexander Prins (CEO of Baum & Partners) have been good friends for a very long time. Listen in to part one where they chat about the origins of TRIYO, the formation of the channel partnership, and more.


Sarah Cuison

Marketing Intern- TRIYO

5 min read

25 Jun 2021

Updated on 26 Jun 2022

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