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The Power of Data in 2021

Today, everything from documentation to workplace management is digitized. However, when it comes to tracking analytics, many of the processes are still manual, as data must be collated from various sources. Not only does this lack efficiency, it also creates larger risks built on irrelevant or inconclusive data points. In a period of widespread remote collaborative working, businesses need intelligent and organized data analytics, that offer an organization-wide lens into workplace processes. With the TRIYO INSIGHTS® Dashboard, teams are offered that intelligent and organized solution. The TRIYO INSIGHTS® Dashboard uniquely captures the progress of projects and tasks, employee’s individual tasks, and displays upcoming deadlines to report them to managers through simplified graphs and structured tables. TRIYO’s machine learning and artificial intelligence integration allows managers to access pre-collected, data-driven operational predictions. This way, teams won’t get lost in the smaller intricacies of work and have more time to focus on their main priorities. Our dashboard includes an execution timeline along with accurately detailed markers on task duration and efficiencies. TRIYO helps both managers and employees keep track of task and project deadlines with automated reminders. TRIYO INSIGHTS® Dashboard compares the project’s expected finish time with actual completion time, providing both real-time snapshots and trends over time of project progress. It ensures alignment with organization’s goals and fitting project timelines in scope with larger organizational strategies. The best part about our dashboard’s capability, is that 80 - 90% of users do not need to fully rely on visiting the TRIYO platform to see the magic it does for your team’s workplace processes. TRIYO’s integrated plug-in automatically tracks every change made on the project or tasks and keeps it updated on the back end. It saves time and leads to more efficient coordination for work tasks amongst teams to deliver tangible results. This results in minimal behavioral change by leveraging the API economy, so that users can continue to work with their existing tools that they are accustomed to, like Office, G-Suite, JIRA and more. Learn more about how TRIYO Insights Intelligent Dashboard can empower workflow processes at your organization and contact us for a free demo.