API Economy

TRIYO’s API Economy

Article by Rahul Kamdar

Key Takeaways

Check Icon TRIYO is a remote collaborating platform that uses API Economy for powering up the workplace to increase employee efficiency by 25%

Check Icon TRIYO can help you, and your organization in Frontline operations, Human Resource, Executive Management, and Risk and Compliance

Check Icon TRIYO sits atop existing workplace tools such as MS Office and MS Teams to provide keystroke level data analytics, with maximum security compliance for financial services

TRIYO is an API for new and legacy workplace tools that integrates and communicates with designated toolkits. 

TRIYO in effect creates a proprietary, security-compliant microcosm of anAPI economy,, one that can provide significant operational advantages such as those shown in the infographic below. 


Rahul Kamdar

min read

20 Oct 2020

Updated on 27 Jun 2022

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