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TRIYO: The Ultimate Companion for Microsoft Teams

The world has changed… the pandemic has made sure of that! Where once you could see groups of people working in offices, sharing information in person and talking to each other, today that is a distant possibility. Given these recent turns of events, the ability to work collaboratively from home has become a necessity, which is why organizations are investing in solutions such as Microsoft Teams (MS Teams). MS Teams is fully integrated with Office 365, offers quick and easy communication, and allows groups to be easily setup and managed, making remote working easy. However, when it comes to complex tasks, workflows and collaborating within documents, it slightly misses the mark. This is where a platform like TRIYO comes in. TRIYO is a collaboration platform built that allows users to manage projects, complicated tasks with multi-layer approvals and document collaboration with a clear line of sight and complete audit history. TRIYO integrates and complements many of the existing applications in the market today, i.e. including MS Teams and, drastically improving the collaboration experience. Task management differs in TRIYO as it takes the approach of focusing on the concept of flexible workflow, embodying the flexibility of emails. Business processes are dynamic, evolve as people work together and should be configurable to individual needs. Group creation, role designation, approval tracking, completions tracking, progress review, timelines and reassigning are many of the features that TRIYO offers to enable better Project and Task management.

TRIYO task management screenshot

TRIYO’s document Collaboration feature allows users to assign, sections of a document with, specific workflows (approvals, review processes) to team members using Office 365 within MS Teams. This is ideal for medium to large documents as distributing sections/editing capabilities in parallel can lead to improved efficiency. All of this can be done while maintaining in-document security for sections that may be confidential in nature.

TRIYO document collaboration screenshot

TRIYO’s customizable dashboards can track progress, changes, project history and activities. They allow real time visibility and statistics by region, teams, individuals, number of projects, revenue etc. TRIYO records every keystroke of information and uses it to improve the workflow process. Individuals and teams can customize their dashboards to show the data that is important to them all while being presented in a visually appealing way for ease of access.

TRIYO dashboard view screenshot

TRIYO sits on top of existing tools to augment the inter-connectivity of the toolkit. This even applies to the most fundamental applications such as, email. TRIYO integrates with email to provide updates, approvals and notifications straight to one’s inbox.

TRIYO email integration screenshot

Both TRIYO and MS Teams are great platforms that bring tremendous efficiencies to the current work place environment. Combining the two can really turbo charge and enhance productivity and efficiency. TRIYO brings additional features in areas like task management, document collaboration and dashboard customizability where MS Teams focuses on enhanced communication. TRIYO’s ability to integrate with existing tool sets while making it fast to implement, makes TRIYO a premier candidate for work place project collaboration for teams of all sizes.

TRIYO and Microsoft Teams comparison infographic