Triyo Dashboard

Article by Nicole Louis

Key Takeaways

Check Icon TRIYO’s integrated add-in provides insights into managing employee workloads, along with the live timelines of edits and approval histories of documents

Check Icon TRIYO uniquely captures granular data to provide organizations with maximum operational visibility into their business

Check Icon Our video walkthrough of the TRIYO Insights Intelligent Dashboard showcases its project reporting features for handling your organization’s project management and collaboration needs

TRIYO’s integrated plug-in uniquely enables the capture of black-box operational data- data that most businesses do not have ready and reliable access to. By tracking the usage of the underlying applications, TRIYO provides accurate insights into:

Individual and group workloads,
Execution timelines including precise markers around task duration and efficiencies and
Live timelines of edits, approvals, and project updates

All with click-level precision.

For more information about our Black Box Data® and our TRIYO INSIGHTS Intelligent Dashboards ® click here.


Nicole Louis

Marketing Manager - TRIYO


2 min read

4 May 2021

Updated on 27 Aug 2021

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