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Improving the Credit Approval Process

TRIYO’s innovative project management and collaboration tool has numerous use cases across the spectrum of secure and compliant industries. From KYC to managing regulatory filings and managing the M&A deal process, TRIYO truly excels in the world of finance, and nowhere more so than in the Investor & Treasury Services (I&TS) Credit Approval Process. Historically, overdraft requests have been a manual process with no automated credit controls and workflow for exception approvals. Generally this results in insufficient overdraft controls, even though these are required for the continued safety and soundness of future cash management and credit activities. In short, this manual process places fiscal risk on the issuing institution due to its ad-hoc nature. With TRIYO, however, the I&TS credit Approval Process looks significantly different. First, a Temporary Accommodation Request (TAR) spreadsheet is uploaded onto the system. The Project owner can then assign team members to specific TARs within the main sheet. TRIYO allows the manager to track approvals for each TAR and simply update the main spreadsheet when all approvals and changes have been submitted, all with full operational visibility into the process at any time. And what’s more, TRIYO’s API means that the manager never has to leave their excel spreadsheet to do this.