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The Project Tool for a Healthy Work-Life Balance

The lives of first year analysts have always been highly pressured and this has formed an unhealthy norm in the banking world. Recently, an article by Forbes about the work-life balance of analysts at Goldman Sachs has brought mass publicity to this issue by thrusting their plight into a clear focus. Banking analysts reported working 100-hour weeks, often undertaking low-value, time consuming activities. This problem is not specific to just Goldman Sachs; poor work-life balance is universal throughout all of investment banking. Luckily, with this new publicity, the future for banking associates may be undergoing a rapid positive change. At TRIYO, we are mindful of the critical role that all bankers play as well as the challenges they face daily, and we are dedicated to helping them save hours in their day to restore their work-life balance. TRIYO collects, stores, and allows easy access to deal histories and documents. This helps analysts cut out hours of time consuming, low-value activities each week, significantly reducing due-diligence research and deal ramp timelines. Further, due to the packed schedules of senior team members, actionable items from the day’s meetings are often only communicated to the rest of the team at the end of the day, leaving them to work until the early hours to hit their tight deadlines. The article was clear; bankers are looking for a better way to work. And, understanding their predicament, so are their managers. Using TRIYO’s platform, not only are management able to communicate all tasks and actionable items instantly throughout the day, but they are also able to oversee the work being done in real time thus eliminating the wait-work cycle for the first-year analysts. TRIYO’s deal history and task management are not the only offerings which can assist banking associates. TRIYO’s collaboration plug-in means bankers do not have to learn a new platform, they simply continue to use the applications they are familiar with, and TRIYO’s contextual search helps sift through document content, previous versions, task descriptions, and comments. In fact, TRIYO is proving so successful in improving the work-life balance of junior bankers as well as the oversite and operational visibility for senior managers, that it has gained traction across several continents. To find out more about TRIYO or to book a free demo, contact us by clicking here.