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Work-Life Balance

Moving out of the pandemic, many people are starting to prioritize work-life balance more than ever before. This manifests itself in job searches by having “work-life balance” as a soft factor, alongside hard factors like pay. Individuals would also much rather work for companies that have values aligning with their own. According to The Economist, America’s labor-force participation rate remains 1.5 percentage points below its pre-pandemic baseline. With this talent shortage, can employers really afford to lose workers over the lack of work-life balance associated with the job?

As the FinTech sector gains traction, many flock to it in an attempt to escape the long working hours of the banking industry. However, this does not seem to be the case. Efinancialcareers noted that while the fintech industry is more accommodating of remote work and innovation, it does not shy away from long working hours needed to meet deployment deadlines. Additionally, fintech companies in their early stage lack the financial capacity to promise good salaries or bonuses that their banking counterparts might.  On the other hand, a mature industry like banking, might pay well, however the demanding work hours and revenue targets are not conducive to a balanced work life.

Thus, it is crucial for companies of any size to optimize their processes and reduce the unnecessary steps that slow down workflows. This not only benefits the company by increasing efficiency, it enhances the work-life balance of employees as menial tasks are removed from day-to-day operations, leaving time for high-value work.

Work Life Balance with TRIYO

With TRIYO, streamline workflows by eliminating back-and-forth communication that delay tasks. Gain full transparency into projects with the work and communication data that’s captured in the Audit Trail. Greater visibility enables faster turnaround times, leaving more time to tend to other responsibilities outside of work.

Interested in achieving this work-life balance? Come talk to us!

TRIYO’s intelligent data platform integrates, aggregates data from all communication channels across an organization and visualizes the data to generate powerful insights into resource utilization, client engagement and process efficiencies.

Our mission is to help organizations to surface and understand the latent data hidden in all communications channels to provide real-time insights into process gaps and to create efficiencies

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