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Top Cross-Platform Project Management Tools

With a majority of employees working remotely, workplace management tools have become increasingly necessary. According to a survey by McKinsey Global, more than 80% of corporate executives indicate that collaboration and work management applications are used throughout their organization, especially as project management solutions. However, not all workplace software can assist teams in achieving the goals they have set for their organization. Software that can integrate with other applications for seamless workflows, or ‘cross-platform’ applications, have a much larger impact on hybrid workplace efficiency. Switching between multiple tools to complete your work can make it complicated for team members to access the information they need in a timely manner. This decreases productivity, slows execution, and inhibits innovation in a remote workspace. Here are 2 of the most common tools used by organizations and how you can leverage cross-platform tools to enhance their functionality: Microsoft Office is an industry-leading software suite that covers the basics of any organization’s document needs. Aside from the traditional Office Suite desktop applications, the online web application suite, Office 365, allows users to work on Word, PPT, and Excel files, store them within OneDrive, and access those documents anywhere at any time. To learn more about the best software combination, TRIYO and Microsoft Teams, click here. Email has become the start and end of every task in most project management environments. Great collaboration relies heavily on good communication, and email has come to be the standard tool for communication, at the cost of inefficiency. In many organizations, email is not purely used at points of completion, but at multiple points within a work process for ad-hoc work, queries, comments, updates, and approvals. As a result, it is common for important communication to slip through the cracks of a full inbox. Project managers assume that integrating a wide array of project management tools with email can improve workflows, but they actually create more inefficiencies when users switch between multiple tools frequently. Centralized tools like TRIYO will allow team members to create and track ad-hoc tasks within their inbox through our email integrations. TRIYO provides organizations with the tools they require to boost employee productivity by 20-25%. Here’s how: With TRIYO’s digital archiving - users can navigate through any and all work interactions within our task-specific Audit Trail – including updates, reviews, comments, and approvals. Our API integrations allow users to work seamlessly with their existing toolkit at a minimal behavioral change. This means 80-90% of users never have to visit the TRIYO platform to collaborate on tasks and documents The TRIYO Insights® Dashboard provides telemetric insights, from all work interactions, and create metric-specific analytics that can enhance your team’s workload planning. To learn how TRIYO can make your team’s productivity peak, check out our interactive demo here; or fill out the contact form below.