How Successful Organizations Execute Projects

Article by Sarah Cuison

Key Takeaways

Check Icon Project management is important in utilizing company’s resources in a way that complement each other and allow project tasks to be finished on time

Check Icon Labor management should be consistent throughout a project’s completion, and can be managed effectively by communicating openly with a project management tool

Check Icon TRIYO can fill in common remote collaboration gaps by allowing users to optimize their workflows, create efficiencies and increase employee productivity

Project Management entails the coordination of a team’s varied perspectives towards a cohesive and singular objective. The biggest projects involve team members from different functions; they would be adjusted to different workflows and have different assumptions involving what they are responsible for.

Keeping this in mind, successfully completing a project is not as simple as assigning roles and evaluating a team’s progress. It is a process of observing and analyzing current work conditions, evaluating any gaps that a team has; and incorporating new processes, workflows and communication improvements to streamline how a team works with a specific project.

So now let's say you have finalized the project requirements, created a sequential task breakdown, budgeted the time and cost, allocated resources, and even created a spreadsheet to organize the project deadlines. What's next?  

Well, as the project starts, the main focal point as a manager would be mirroring the execution of the project to the extensive preparation and planning involved, but labor management should be considered consistently throughout the project’s completion. Here are some of the tips you can use for better labour management:

1. Transparency

Setting clear expectations of what the end goal for the project is and how it fits into the company’s overall strategy will motivate team members to manage their current workload and ensure they hit their deadlines. This is also a great way to establish trust and build good rapport. 

2. Communicate Openly

Every project has a lot of moving parts that team members are working on. A Project Manager’s job is to provide an accurate, concise and effective project status update at each stage of the project, keeping everyone updated with both successes and failures as the project continues. Cross-departmental communication is a crucial part of project execution and yet the most common area where clarity of project gets lost.

3. Using a Project Management Tool

More often than not, projects get sidetracked due to the limits of human attentiveness, considering team members may be working on multiple projects at once. Overcoming this natural human tendency requires a simple fix- a great, easy to use project management tool that gives you the operational visibility required to track every detail or the project and meet the deadlines set.

Current project management tools offered in the market can fill the gaps to create effective project structures but lack security and transparency required to efficiently execute a project.

That’s where TRIYO can make all the difference.

Our project and task management system allows users to optimize their workflow, creating efficiencies and increasing employee productivity up to 25%. We do this by reducing time consuming manual tasks such as version control, tracking emails, unnecessary meetings and follow up calls.

Additionally, our comprehensive analytics dashboard allows you to analyze snapshot views, trends, and progress over time with intuitive, easy-to-read graphs that can be templated, sorted, and filtered to your needs.

Detailed planning along with the right solution for your team can help empower your organization take the right steps forward. You are now a step closer to better manage your workforce and build a highly optimized team.

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Sarah Cuison

Marketing Intern- TRIYO

3 min read

9 Jun 2021

Updated on 26 Jun 2022

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