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How to Expedite the Project Life Cycle

In every industry, the timeline to complete projects and turn around deals vary from project to project depending on the complexity of the subject matter, the number of individuals involved or emails exchanged.

However, management within organizations see quick turnaround time as an indicator of success. The faster a project or deal is complete, the faster your manager will see an impact on the bottom line.

According to When I Work, here are a couple of steps that you can take towards improving your project management to ensure that you wrap up a deal speedy quick without compromising the quality of work:

  1. Set Clear Milestones at the beginning of the project to keep everything on track
  2. Remain Flexible
  3. Incorporate the right technology

From the first kickoff meeting, establish project expectations with your team in addition to a series of check-in points and milestones regarding the due dates of various deliverables.

There’s no way to anticipate every potential outcome over the progress of a project lifecycle. It’s important that personnel are given strong guidelines and a determined plan for how each staff member should proceed with their tasks. The key in these instances is to remain flexible and adaptable, no matter the intricacy of a challenge. According to Project Times, it is important that you are always prepared for organizational problems and challenges – remember to keep an open mind and plan for problems to help keep time budgets on track.

Perhaps the single biggest factor in speeding up turnaround time is incorporating technology into the management process to complete the project.

According to Dataprot, 37% of businesses and organizations already deploy technology into their workspace.

If technology can assist in optimizing the project from its inception, the timeline to completion would be much, much faster.

With TRIYO, you can streamline your regulatory reporting process while mitigating risk, penalties and costs with our comprehensive solution; specifically for project management – supporting you in expediting your project turnaround times.

TRIYO does this by automatically collecting all of the necessary data on the project for you – and much more.

Our API’s can track the key individuals involved in a project; the number of deals started within a certain period; the completion status of the deal, and more to keep you and your team on track.

Learn more about the different types of data TRIYO can automatically collect here

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