Using an Audit Trail for Project Management

Article by Nicole Louis

Key Takeaways

Check Icon Low-value tasks decrease productivity and cause underutilization of resources which is a huge loss of revenue for organizations

Check Icon Businesses can automate low-value tasks using TRIYO through document collaboration and get full visibility into business operations through Audit trail to save time on checking updates and focus on important tasks that generate revenue

Check Icon Baum and Partners give their testimonial on using TRIYO and the advantage the platform has given to the company by providing full operational visibility into their daily work

The innovative marriage of technology and project management has led to an evolution from the paper or Excel-based project management paradigm to one now based upon bespoke management tools. This shift has created a challenge for many organizations who struggle to provide their management teams with the operational tools they require to keep up with this change. At the same time, staff find themselves having to spend a large portion of their day performing low value tasks which decreases productivity and hinders growth. According to McKinsey, implementing the right tools to support this change can increase your organization’s productivity by up to 40%. While there are many low value tasks that hinder productivity within an organization, these are the 3 that occur almost on a daily basis:

1. Manual Version Control:

Tracking every change made by each team member and having each member working off the latest version- especially for documents that undergo a lot of revision and redrafting can take up a lot of time if done manually.

2. Tracking Emails:

Figuring out where a document was sent, who sent the document, what are the key actions that need to be made on that document.

3. Follow-up Calls:

The time spent following-up to get feedback on a task or project can mean significant time delays and extra work hours. This extended feed-back loop often significantly delays project timelines and wastes company resources.

The TRIYO Solution:

TRIYO is a unique, award-winning project management and collaboration platform built to help organizations increase their efficiency and maximize their productivity TRIYO's digitized Audit Trail can help organizations minimize the time spent on dealing with the three low value tasks mentioned above. TRIYO’s digitized audit trail is a unique, intelligent and fully searchable repository of not only documents, comments, and timelines, but edit, view , and approval histories as well. This means that you can now track all the changes and view all the key decisions made to the document, automating version control.  Find a document with ease and keep up with the related discussion, eliminating tracking emails. Finally, review documents and leave feedback for it, minimizing follow-up calls.  All under one tab.

Alexander Prins, CEO of Baum & Partners commenting on TRIYO’s project management and audit trail features says, “The TRIYO project management tool is fantastic and incredibly useful, and the operation visibility the tool gives our management team (and that of our clients) means that at any time, they can track the progress of any work in the pipeline.”

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Nicole Louis

Marketing Manager - TRIYO


3 min read

14 Apr 2021

Updated on 27 Aug 2021

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