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Transform Project Workflows with API Integration

Imagine the increase of productivity and efficiency your team can have when you use two different platforms simultaneously within your workflow processes? There are many project collaboration tools out in the market today, but one of the best features a project management software can have, is the ability to integrate with other systems, such as Microsoft Office Suite, through APIs. Every organization relies on workflows to improve, grow and thrive. Teams automatically fall into an established workflow to get tasks done. The thing about workflows is, the more complex they become, the more difficult it is to maintain their associated productivity. It’s very common for teams to be balancing several projects at one time, that is why many teams will benefit from choosing a project management tool that includes APIs. API stands for Application Programming Interface, and is the connection between two or more applications that lets each system exchange data between one another. APIs allow organizations to open a connection to the “outside world,” leading to creative innovations and assisting with digital transformation initiatives. In 2020, a study by Cloud Elements eported that the businesses which are leveraging APIs receive a 59% increase in productivity, 51% increase in innovation, and a 43% direct increase in revenue. APIs are important as it will allow organizations to leverage their existing application functions with other systems and applications.

TRIYOs integration with API economy

Most teams within workflows rely solely on email tools such as MS Outlook for day-to-day communication. As a result, the communication gets lost in translation and employees end up with poor version control. Communication between team members during a project's workflow is key to keeping a project on track. For example, you could have team members sharing documents and making revisions back and forth through email, which leads to long threads of information. Also, some email threads would become so convoluted that key people could be left off email chains. When this happens, additional steps to a workflow may be required and the process would become less productive. That is why APIs within your team’s project collaboration tool can help increase productivity. If your team is still communicating through email, here is why you should start transforming to the direction of the API economy. TRIYO is compatible and built on leveraging the API Economy. 85% of users never need to stay on our platform to collaborate, through our seamless API integration, users can work through the MS Office Suite applications that their workflows are already accustomed to: MS Word, Teams, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. This leads to minimal behavioural change, meaning you and your team won’t have to go through the process of learning a whole new system. The tool’s live-editing capabilities will make project communication and collaboration easier and more efficient, and speed up response times in addition to overall organization. Whether it’s editing a document, or updating investor deck slides, TRIYO’s integrated plug-in will let you and your team keep track of tasks and changes.

TRIYOs integration with MS Word

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