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3 Ways to Succeed at Remote Work as a Startup

While the possibility of physical work seems closer on the horizon, the shift back to an office environment will take time to implement safely. In the meantime, remote working does not have to deter a team’s success. Especially for startups that function at a very fast pace. Here are some of the organization-wide principles we implement in our teams, inspired by statistics on team communication, to ensure efficient collaboration in a remote working space. Remote working has created gaps for immediate communication. Therefore, ensuring that all team members know what to work on at all times is a difficult, but necessary, component to effective remote work. When working on key objectives of projects, ensure that larger goals get broken down into smaller objectives, as this will help employees understand the role they play in the organization as a whole. TRIYO facilitates a seamless increase in efficient remote working; project managers can utilize our management system to create projects, tasks, and subtasks and rely on automated instant updates and reminders, to ensure employees stay on top of their deliverables at all times. A study by Fierce Inc. on statistics relating to team communication, found that 70% of corporate figures either agree or strongly agree that a lack of candid communication impacted their ability to perform optimally. Often projects with employees from different functions, that require multiple iterations of deliverables, lack a common definition of what ‘done’ is. Defining what marks a task "complete” can be done with inspiration from agile methodology, by creating specific criteria and requirements that the entire team understands. Specifically, within the realm of document deliverables, the need for teams to keep track of multiple versions creates a large gap in a team’s workflow. TRIYO’s unique document collaboration feature allows team members to arrive at a single, live document for which all changes are recorded. This gives all team members the ability to ensure a deliverable is “done”, asynchronously and maximizing their efficiency as a team. Where project deliverables can give certain team members enough information to understand a project and its progression, it is insufficient in giving team members the information they need to play a successful role in a project’s completion. Just like in offices, it is a realistic assumption that all team members will not be able to attend every meeting or call; Google Docs or Teams Meeting Notes is the perfect place to store all the information that a team member would need to catch up on the current course of events. To understand how you can utilize Team’s full capabilities as a collaboration software, click here. Even with these implementations, moving between numerous documents and communication updates can lead to a low retention of information. TRIYO provides a simple solution in the form of an Audit Trail that is specific to every task. Team members can register the progress of their work in the form of comments, giving the entire team the ability to track the progress of projects, log activity, approvals with time stamps. TRIYO provides a comprehensive solution to enhance your remote work environments. Learn more about what features we have here, and feel free to contact us for more information below.