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Risk Management: Safer, Faster, Easier

Risk Management is a vital process for every financial company. It involves identifying, analyzing and mitigating threats to an organization’s reputation and earnings. When an investor decides to fund a company, they risk exposing themselves to numerous insecurities - including business risks, non-business risks and financial risks. These insecurities can create multiple contingencies with drastic effects such as high inflation, volatility in capital markets, recession and bankruptcy. Yet, the effect of these risks can vary greatly on the level and quality of technical platforms integrated in the company’s workflow. By using TRIYO’s unique collaborative platform; the probability of risk lowers and strengthens potential opportunities. Our secure platform allows users to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations effortlessly within the file’s native application. With TRIYO, the project creation and management process is immensely simplified and straightforward - by clicking on a simple plug-in, users can collaborate on tasks from within the original document, spreadsheet or presentation itself. 85% of users never need to even visit the TRIYO platform. For example, users are able to upload Temporary Accommodation Request (TAR) spreadsheets to the platform. The Project owner can then assign each member to specific TARs from the main sheet with different rights to those TARs (edit, review, approve). TARs can be opened directly from the TRIYO plugin, updated and approved. With TRIYO’s API integration, individuals can track and update the TARs without leaving their native Excel Applications. To learn more about how TRIYO can optimize your organization’s risk management process, click here.