The Simple Solution to KYC & Client Onboarding

Article by Sarah Cuison

Key Takeaways

Check Icon Know Your Client (KYC) is an important process within investment banking and financial services, to enhance a client’s experience and the risk appetite associated with that client

Check Icon Within current processes, a master spreadsheet of confidential information is distributed and modified individually via email, and then versions are collated at the end of an iteration

Check Icon TRIYO solves this by allowing users to upload a spreadsheet, assign team members to work and approve changes, and automatically merge and changes in a single, live document

Know Your Client (KYC) is a set of standards used within investment and financial services to verify customers, their risk profiles, and financial profile. Client onboarding is one of the most important functions for any business because it directly impacts not only the client’s experience with your organization, but also the risk parameters associated with that client.

The Difficulties with Current Client Onboarding Processes

Typically, a master Excel spreadsheet of client information is distributed via email to different LOBs for review. The requisite client information is updated by individuals, while inputs are approved and merged manually into the master Excel spreadsheet.

However, there is a lack of visibility around tracking the updating of the requested information. Assignments can lie buried in email inboxes, resulting in delays.

The TRIYO Solution

Successful brands develop a seamless onboarding experience that interconnects each touchpoint and supports the overall customer journey with that organization. TRIYO’s innovative project management and collaboration tool can help simplify KYC processes. An integrated client onboarding and review process can be streamlined and automated all within our platform.

With TRIYO, users are able to upload a Client Review Master Tracker spreadsheet and assign team members by LOBs to delegate 25k+ booking points (BP) to the appropriate groups. They can track approvals and comments of each BP through a detailed Audit Trail, and automatically merge inputs to the main tracker once changes and approvals get submitted.

To learn more about how TRIYO can make your organization’s KYC and Client Onboarding process seamless, click here.


Sarah Cuison

Marketing Intern- TRIYO

1 min read

14 May 2021

Updated on 6 Jan 2023

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