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Why does Operational Visibility Matter?

We can all agree that 2020 has made us adapt to new circumstances.This is especially true in the business world, where organizations have had to shift to remote and hybrid work models. As they rapidly adopt new processes and protocols in the pandemic, a key issue has been highlighted: the need for, and all too often, the paucity of, adequate operational visibility. Pre-pandemic, the physical proximity of most of the workforce meant that keeping track of employees and teams was relatively simple – you walked over to a colleague’s desk, or someone popped into your office for a quick update. Team meetings could be called at a moment’s notice; the proverbial water-cooler, a fount of information. All of this has been called into question this past year. The key input needed for line of sight and operational visibility is simple: data. Quality data. Timely data. Easily accessible data. Data which can then be parsed for descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics: Descriptive: State of the union, snapshot and historical views of teams, regions, projects, the enterprise as a whole Predictive: Benchmarking against past performance or other standards to predict the likelihood of a future possible outcome Prescriptive: Suggested courses of action around optimized processes and resource utilization for future desired outcomes. TRIYO is the source of truth within an organization. Our security compliant, on-premise or cloud-based solution is easily onboarded and rolled out. TRIYO seamlessly integrates with underlying work toolkits for minimal behavioural change, and tracks actual usage patterns of the workplace toolkits such as Word, PowerPoint or Excel, to collect granular, keystroke level operational data. By digitizing the hitherto manual processes of submitting and collating this data, TRIYO maintains data integrity. Our platform offers a central repository of project information, approvals, documents versions, comments, and timelines that is easily archived and fully searchable. Finally, our bespoke analytical dashboards provide snapshot, historical and benchmarked overviews of workflows, processes and projects by task, region, team and individuals. Learn more about how TRIYO can help your enterprise maximize its resources by clicking here