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Agile Teams Can Be Even More Productive With TRIYO

After Agile software development took the world by storm in the early 2000s, agile project management quickly followed suit. In short, agile practices involve rapid and adaptive planning, evolutionary development, Read More

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How to Lead Organizational Culture in Start-Ups

Today, we live in a world where workers have a variety of choices and opportunities for employment. For early-stage start-ups, this means setting themselves apart if they want to attract Read More

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The Best Collaboration Tool for Analysts

We have heard the same sentiment time and time again: first year banking analysts are overworked with repetitive tasks. That is why TRIYO offers a comprehensive search feature designed specifically Read More

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Japan’s New Hybrid Workplace Tool

The whole world changed due to COVID-19, and along with it so has the concept of remote work. Even places with a strictly ingrained office culture, like Japan, moved to Read More

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Modularity for a Personalized Product Philosophy

Modularity as a product design concept in business has proven successful across industries. It allows customers to focus on those elements of an offering which add value to their business, without the burden of extra components which do not.  TRIYO, a best-in-class collaboration and Read More